Australian Institute of Architects: QLD Chapter

The Queensland Chapter of the Australian Institute of Architects (AIA) is proud to offer Queensland residents the chance to meet with some of Australia’s leading sustainable architects.

When: June 19th, 2021, 2pm-5pm (AEST)
Where: Online (Zoom link provided upon booking)
Sponsored by: Queensland Chapter of the Australian Institute of Architects (AIA)
Facilitated by: Renew
Bookings available to: QLD residents
Cost: Free
Event Information: You may book 2 Speed Dates, each will last 20 minutes. If you book more than 2 Speed Dates, we will have to adjust your booking and you may lose your preference. Please be prepared with 2 or 3 key questions.
How to book: Review partipating architects below, and make your booking at the bottom of this page.

Stephanie Skyring : Skyring Architects

Stephanie Skyring

Skyring Architects

Stephanie is the director of Skyring Architects, a small design practice dedicated to creating buildings that respond to the needs of their inhabitants and connect to the environment around them. Stephanie is passionate about giving everyday people great places to live. She believes in keeping it simple but interesting. Ever resourceful and mindful of the budget and the environment, her design objective is to find smart, simple, cost effective, and beautiful solutions to design problems. Stephanie works very collaboratively with her clients, consultants, builders and subcontractors to create a sense of project ownership in everyone involved and pride in the finished product.

Julie Borgelt : Borgelt & Craig Architects

Julie Borgelt

Borgelt & Craig Architects

Almost 20 years ago, Julie formed a small bespoke architectural practice with her sister, to pursue their commitment of resilient, flexible, sustainable, and liveable architecture for everyone. They have won National and Premiers’ awards in Sustainability and Built environment. Julie’s hands-on construction and design experience combine to produce practical, personalised, energy -efficient, healthy, and sustainable homes with an element of joy, to enhance your everyday life. She works with you to craft Buildings that connect into your unique surrounding environment - responding to orientation, natural light, ventilation, and landscape. This hands-on approach encourages healthy discussion and interaction with clients and builders; maintaining co-operative and enthusiastic team collaboration to achieve successful built outcomes.

Emma Scragg : Architect

Emma Scragg


Emma Scragg has worked on residential, commercial and heritage conservation projects in urban and regional Queensland and New South Wales. She is particularly enthusiastic about the conservation and adaptation of existing buildings to improve their response to climate, making them more pleasurable and sustainable for their occupants. With Riddel Architecture, she has been involved in a number of award-winning projects including the Hill End Ecohouse (

Emma lives and breathes sustainability. Keeping her own life simple has meant an ideal work-play balance and the clients she attracts and her projects reflect this. Checkout her cycle tour ( from Alaska to Oregon visiting many cohousing, ecovillage and adaptive reuse projects.

Paul Worroll : Reddog Architects

Paul Worroll

Reddog Architects

A qualified architect since 1992, Paul has 28 years experience in the industry. He believes in the positive impact that architecture has on a place and community and it is this passion that drives him to stay relevant in an ever evolving industry. Paul’s gets an enormous sense of accomplishment from bringing design concepts to fruition from their inception, He enjoys the relationship building of small project architecture and educating clients on the benefits of using an architect. As a member of the AIA chapter council and sustainability committee, he is driven to utilising sustainable practices and improving our understanding of our environmental impact in the design and building process.

Ellen Buttrose : POD People Oriented Design

Ellen Buttrose

POD People Oriented Design

Ellen Buttrose is an Associate Architect at POD People Oriented Design in Cairns where she works across residential, community and commercial projects across the top End. Ellen is passionate about designing to suit climates, culture and landscape unique to a project’s regional location.
Ellen brings experience from architecture practices across South Australia, Victoria, and Queensland. Ellen sits on the Sustainability Committee for the Queensland chapter of the Australian Institute of Architects. She received the 2020 Emerging Architect Prize (Qld State Award).

Paul Butterworth : PB Architects

Paul Butterworth

PB Architects

Brisbane residential architect Paul Butterworth designs new builds and renos that surprise and delight. Paul takes the time to listen to how you aspire to live. From these lessons, he will design with you front of mind to unlock the true potential of your new home. Coastal, city or suburban addresses — whatever your location, you’ll find in Paul a respectful, talented architect. He makes you feel part of the entire process, from introducing you to subcontractors on site, to translating complex design and construction details. Paul is a registered architect, member of the AIA and winner of multiple industry awards with more than 15 years design experience including sustainable design. He is equipped to assist you to reclaim, reuse and recycle building materials and create a home that is truly beautiful.

Peter McArdle : PTMA Architecture

Peter McArdle

PTMA Architecture

PTMA Architecture is a family collaboration between partners Peter McArdle and Teresa Wuersching. Sustainability is a theme running through both our professional and private lives, from childhoods in rural Queensland depending on tank water to our home in the Currumbin Eco-village. In our work we encourage clients to challenge themselves towards more enjoyable, connected and sustainable work and lifestyles.

"We enjoy evolving a client’s brief to make best and efficient use of site and budget, and to help them to imagine ‘what if?’"

Katherine Gifford : Jeremy Salmon Architect

Katherine Gifford

Jeremy Salmon Architect

Katherine Gifford has worked for Jeremy Salmon Architect in Brisbane for the past two decades as project architect on a wide variety of new and renovated homes with the occasional commercial project. Sustainability is integral to Katherine’s design approach and the long-term accessibility of projects is always considered. She was project designer on ‘Nanna’s Verandah’, a project for which Jeremy Salmon Architect won the Australian Institute of Architect’s Queensland State Sustainability Award. Katherine is a member of the sustainability committee of the Australian Institute of Architecture Queensland Chapter and tutors in second year building technology at the University of Queensland Architecture Department

Gaven Gilmour : Bauhinia Architects

Gaven Gilmour

Bauhinia Architects

Gaven Gilmour is the current director of this 50 year old practice with a reputation for enthusiastic creative design responsive to market, climate and culture. Gaven is a long term Central Queensland resident and understands the issues faced by clientele with a desire to build in regional Queensland, from cattle properties to Queensland’s stunning beaches. He can assist with balancing the often competing priorities of sustainability, budget, liveability, durability — the list goes on. Sometimes the hardest part of the journey is knowing where to start.

Henk Mulder : Mulder and Kennedy Architects

Henk Mulder

Mulder and Kennedy Architects

Henk Mulder maintains the development of ideas combined with the practical fit for making. He has extensive experience in multi residential sites for apartments, units, townhouses and rowhouses, residential projects, alterations and additions small and large. Combining strong interests in design, construction/making, drawing, the social context or community, and communication of detail, results in the application of intrinsic benefits of design, both seen and unseen. From the ideas, collaboration, drawings and experience of built projects, towards an adaptable future that is resource conscious, climate-responsive, and with a positive connection to place all form part of the applied values.

Jim Gall : Gall Architects

Jim Gall

Gall Architects

Jim Gall is a Professor of Design at QUT and Director of Gall Architects, and has developed a profile as a leader in sustainable design in Queensland. He appreciates the important relationship between design, culture and environment: his aim is to provide places that are not just able to be sustained but are sustaining. Jim has designed several buildings that have won awards, including the Harry Marks Award for Sustainability. His most recent work includes a 9.5 star low cost house near Killarney, Qld. Jim’s first degree is in Environmental Science, hence his multi-disciplinary and ecological view of the world.

Max Brammer : Brammer Architects

Max Brammer

Brammer Architects

Max has extensive experience across a multitude of sectors ranging from small scale residential, to multi-residential and up to large scale health and education projects. He enjoys construction detailing and project management and strives for environmentally sustainable, innovative solutions. We pride ourselves on creating spaces that are enjoyable and comfortable within highly functional, cost effective, low maintenance buildings that are underpinned by good solar orientation, shading and passive ventilation.

Phil Smith : Gomango Architects

Phil Smith

Gomango Architects

Phil is an energetic, mid-career architect and urban designer with 27 years practice on the Sunshine Coast across a wide range of projects. He learned his domestic craft working alongside gold-medal awarded architects Lindsay and Kerry Clare and Gabriel Poole. In 1994 he established (with architect Liza Neil) the boutique, multi-award-winning design firm Gomango Architects to explore new models of sustainable regional architecture. Phil has designed several award-winning buildings and develops strong, collaborative working relationships with his clients. He is passionate about drawing and design and believes that architecture and cities are powerful engines for creative enterprise and artistic expression. Phil currently sits on the Sunshine Coast Council’s Urban Design Advisory Panel, the Community Strategy Leadership Group and is a director of not-for-profit arts company Creative Arts Alliance.

Rob Norman : Symbiosphere

Rob Norman


Symbiosphere is based at The Ecovillage at Currumbin, a leading ecologically sustainable development on the Gold Coast. Working in this environment has given us a strong foundation in the design, material sourcing and building strategies needed to produce affordable, sustainable housing. Our practice philosophy is one of creating streamlined, elegant spaces connected strongly with their landscape context, in buildings with very low environmental impact. Working to budget is a high priority for us and we have a particular focus on making sustainable design affordable, with a good track record of achieving this goal.

Tim Bennetton : Tim Bennetton Architects

Tim Bennetton

Tim Bennetton Architects

Director Tim Bennetton has over 20 years’ experience in the construction industry – as a qualified Civil/Structural Engineer he worked as a project manager before becoming an architect. He recognises the great privilege and responsibility of helping clients shape the environments in which they dwell by obtaining a deep understanding of your unique needs and desires through the design process. Sustainability, natural light and space are very important elements of our projects whatever the size and budget. We maintain strong links with builders, landscapers, tradespeople and suppliers. This grounds us in the practicalities of building which is essential to navigating obstacles of regulations, budget and trades to deliver successful results.

Nancy Lau : Architect

Nancy Lau


Nancy Lau, Director of Nancy Lau Architect has over 16 years of experience in architecture and human-centered design practice across Australia. Based in Cairns, Nancy works closely with clients to deliver sustainable and thoughtful new houses and renovations, as well as education and aged care projects. She focuses on designing with the climate and “future proof” homes that can be adapted as life’s circumstances change.

Nancy is a registered QLD, NT and VIC architect, member of the Australian Institute of Architects and Liveable Housing Australia Assessor.

Stephen Sims : Sims White Architects

Stephen Sims

Sims White Architects

Stephen is a regional architect living in Toowoomba since 1999 and a director at Sims White Architects since its formation in 2012. He has had a keen interest in sustainable design since discovering the ability of passive strategies to provide thermal comfort in first year university. This interest culminated in him writing his thesis on the integration of architectural and sustainable design. These learnings have formed a common thread throughout his career. While at public works , he worked as a team member on projects that won the AIA National Sustainability Award, and led the team that won the AIA State Award for Sustainability named after Toowoomba’s own son Harry Marks. He has also worked on a number of Greenstar projects.

Sims White has a strong focus on producing pragmatic, yet considered contextual architecture, with passive design strategies at the heart. Our work is predominately civic, heritage, institutional and health-care, but in recent years has seen a significant body of domestic projects. As proud regional architects we recognize our unique climate, urban form and character and the impact it has on our architecture.

David Stefanovic : Architects North

David Stefanovic

Architects North

In 2003 David established Architects North in Townsville. His recently completed projects include Education Central at JCU, TYTO Cultural Centre in Ingham and The Hub on Echlin. David has extensive experience in delivery of innovative design outcomes in working with government and private stakeholders.

In collaboration with Townsville City Council Technical Support Unit David has completed Sustainability Guidelines for Housing in the Tropics and several planning policies. He has chaired tropical Design Focus Group, Thuringowa Sustainable Village project, developing outcomes suited for the people and climate of the North Queensland.

Matt Kennedy : Arcke

Matt Kennedy


Matt Kennedy is an experienced architect specialising in quality, sustainable and creative residential projects around Brisbane. His practice Arcke was established almost a decade ago and in that time has gained numerous awards for sensitive and innovative designs on difficult sites.
He believes that every job is a unique response to the specific site context and client brief and that the best results come through collaboration.

Matt values green spaces and the considered integration of architecture and landscape, together with the crafted and sensual response to materiality. His architecture enriches daily lives by creating moments of joy.

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